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Expertise -  reviewing
balcony progress
Standard Functions
• Prepare contract specifications of work to be performed
• Review vendor references, obtain certificates of insurance and licenses
• Obtain competitive bids, at least three. Note AMG has no ownership or affiliation with any Association
  contractor or supplier
• Prepare analysis and recommendations of each proposal for the Board of Directors review and decision.
  Association Management will monitor the job to ensure the stipulations of the contracts are being followed.
• Receive service requests via telephone, fax or e-mail for repairs or maintenance to property and issue work orders
• Maintain log of service requests and resolution of requests
• Process Notice of Commencement, if required
• Upon completion of a project, ensure all permits are closed and all liens (including sub-contractors) are released.
Vendor Relations
Association Management will ensure that personnel on the property not only perform their work in a professional manner but that they act in a courteous and professional manner towards all the residents. 
• Association Management Group will "walk" the property on a regular basis to identify areas of repair and monitor performance
  of contractors (grass cut, trimming, cleaning) or on site personal as required
• Each manager is equipped with a check list and camera
• Thorough property inspections to monitor vendor quality, violations and CC&R
• Enforce violations of Rules Regarding Parking