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Financial Services

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Association Management Group, Inc. in Miami, Florida, offers a full line of accounting and financial services for organizations. Our mission is to report the association's financial condition to the board and ensure the stability of its finances. We handle following tasks:

• Obtaining quotes from vendors, utility
  Companies, and Insurance Agents 

• Preparing packages for the Annual Budget
• Processing payroll for Association employees
• Preparing Financial Reports for the Association’s
  Independent Accountant
• Collecting dues
• Preparing proposed budget for the Board’s 

• Calculating reserves
• Preparing budget notice
• Coordinating with Association's attorney in the
  lien and foreclosure process

Billing and Collections
• Generate coupon booklets and assist unit owners with ACH (direct auto debit) paperwork for the lock box bank
• Receive process and deposit monies in the Association's account(s) 
• Create charge backs to the unit owners and bill and collect other monies due the Association when appropriate. 
• Post late payment fees and generate and mail balance due late letters and 10 day demand letters upon scheduled basis  
• Calculate, bill and collect special assessments, fines and late fees when appropriate
• Prepare monthly delinquency report including status and accumulated balance for the Board of Directors
• Coordinate with Association's attorney in the lien and foreclosure process.

Pay Bills
Verify vendor invoices for accuracy, “sign off” on invoice and create checks for Board’s/Treasurer’s approval and signature.
Prepare and process payroll for Association's employees. 
Standard Accounting Reports
• The typical reporting package includes Balance Sheet, Income and Expenses, Account Receivable Aging, Cash Disbursements, Bank Statement Reconciliation, Budget vs. Actual Comparison and Delinquency Status reports.
• Financial reports can be easily generated for any time period desired. Reporting periods of monthly, two months, quarterly, annually, fiscal 
  year-to-date or any time period  in between
• Assist in the financial planning process by providing analytical financial reports reflecting past transactions and reports comparing actual
  transaction to those forecasted in the Budget.

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