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Effective Association Management Specializing in Financial and Administrative Services

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• Relieve the Board from day to day paperwork
  Serves as a buffer between the Board and the
  unit owners in complaint resolution
• Assist in maintaining a lifestyle, welfare
  and appearance that addresses the desires
  of the Association
• Guide Board in responsibilities, duties
  and obligations
• Inform Board in all areas affecting
  the Association. more

• To report the Association’s financial condition to
  the Board in order to assist in its day to day
• To ensure financial stability by rigorous
  enforcement of collection policies. more

• To maintain stable or increased property values.
• To maintain the property  looking attractive
  and functioning smoothly.
• To ensure vendor performance and
  compliance with contractual terms.
• To prevent small problems from escalating
  into major, costlier problems, by proper
  servicing and preventative maintenance.  more

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Association Management Group, Inc. provides a full range of management services for associations and nonprofit organizations. We specialize in three areas: administrative support, financial services, and facility property management. With more than 15 years of being in business, you can rely on competent third-party managers to proactively and conscientiously oversee your daily operations, maintan or improve your association lifestyle and steer your organization toward success.

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